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Why Gamer Thumb?

Gamer thumb, or gaming thumb, is a term synonymous with gamers of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Anyone who owned or played a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for an extended period of time will remember the red, sore, and even blistered left thumb they acquired as the result of the rather rough-edged digital crosspad on the NES controller.

Despite the pain, we pushed on. Just one more level in Super Mario Bros. Just one more rider dismounted in Excitebike. Just another smash in Super Spike Volleyball. At least I did, and I’d like to think that yesterday’s gaming foundations have made me a more appreciative gamer in the modern era.

Gamer Thumb is a blog for anyone to whom gaming is more than just a simple passion or hobby. Rather, like me, you find it the anchor point of many of your fondest memories, be it time spent with friends or family, or time alone left to explore vast worlds or vie for sporting championships.

Regardless of the red, throbbing thumb, I never let the reality of the situation interfere with those memories. To a certain degree, I guess I flashed that thumb about like a trophy. It was a true Achievement, and it didn’t pop up on your HDTV. Back then, you carried it around like a badge, all red and warm.

I hope you enjoy the content here and I invite you to be a part of it. Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

About Shaun Inguanzo

A journalist and public relations professional for nearly 10 years, Shaun Inguanzo is also an avid video gamer whose desire is to write meaningful pieces that explore the ins and outs of gaming beyond the simple paradigm of like/dislike.

Of course, an entire site devoted to lengthy features might sound like an effort, which is why you’ll also find equally meaningful reviews, previews, podcasts, and the odd bit of breaking news that Shaun can squeeze in if time permits.

If you want to be a part of Gamer Thumb, you’d be an Australian gamer who’s got an opinion or story beyond the press release and popular discussion. So drop Shaun a line:

Email: shaun@gamerthumb.com

Twitter: @el_shauno_aus

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