Sony preparing to unveil new PlayStation 4 apps for Australian launch

SONY is on the cusp of announcing which third-party entertainment apps will be available from day one on Australian PlayStation 4 consoles.

It comes as Xbox Australia today announced three key localised entertainment apps: Channel 10’s tenplay, Quickflix, and SBS On Demand.

The latter two are already available on the outgoing generation’s consoles, and tenplay is the only one confirmed to launch on 22 November – the console’s Day One.

A Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson confirmed to Gamer Thumb that the company would soon unveil which apps were coming to PlayStation 4, including those available on 29 November.

“Sony Network Entertainment’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited will be available at launch,” he said.

“We will announce other entertainment services that will be available on Day One before launch.”

What’s missing?

So far, Microsoft hasn’t yet announced whether ABC’s iView or Foxtel on Xbox apps – currently on Xbox 360 – will be available for Xbox One.

Given the press release talks about tenplay, Quickflix and SBS On Demand as apps arriving between launch and Autumn 2014, we’re hoping that both iView and Foxtel are on the way and are being saved for a separate announcement. In the meantime, we’ve inquired with Microsoft to learn more.

Sony on the other hand has been tight-lipped as it focuses on winning gamers’ hearts. However, today’s confirmation that it will announce entertainment apps prior to launch, and that those apps will be made available from Day One is indeed tantalising.

What’s clear is that despite the PR narratives surrounding both consoles, they both promise to offer a similar integrated focus on gaming and entertainment.

We’ll keep you updated on this story throughout the day.

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