VIDEO: Super Mario 3D World brings new power-ups, supports up to four Pro Controllers

Super Mario 3D World is coming soon to Wii U
Super Mario 3D World is coming soon to Wii U

SUPER Mario 3D World is shaping up to be Mario’s most feature-packed platforming adventure yet.

Nintendo released a tantalising gameplay trailer just days ago and here’s what Gamer Thumb has noticed about the Wii U’s next big title:

  • The game supports up to four Pro Controllers;
  • There’s a whole host of new power-ups including one that allows you to control multiple Marios (as many as four were seen in the trailer);
  • You’ll be able to compete against and follow other players’ Mii ghosts to ensure you explore every corner and discover every secret there is to offer;
  • Although it’s three-dimensional, there’s a large 2.5D feel as a tribute to Mario’s two-dimensional platforming roots;
  • Overall, this appears to be the closest thing to a traditional Mario game we’ve seen in a long time – an exciting new direction, perhaps?

Watch for yourself:

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