Twice as many Australians want a PS4 compared to Xbox One

SONY is patting itself on the back following a survey showing that twice as many Australians want a PlayStation 4 (PS4) compared to an Xbox One (XB1).

The Roy Morgan survey, taken between July and August of this year, was commissioned by Sony and doesn’t account for the resurgence in Xbox One interest following Microsoft’s withdrawal from many of its controversial E3 policies governing used games and Kinect connectivity.

However, the survey does confirm what many gamers have suspected: Sony was in pole position heading out of E3, and that’s why, at least in Australia, pre-orders made today won’t be fulfilled until late December at the earliest.

“The features of the PS4 have really captured the imagination of Australian gamers, making demand far higher than we anticipated,” said Sony Computer Entertainment’s Australian managing director, Michael Ephraim.

“It’s clear that PS4’s powerful features, personalisation and unrelenting focus on what gamers love most is building up to one of the most exciting launches in our industry’s history.”

The PS4 also has a price advantage over the Xbox One, retailing for AUD$549 compared to AUD$599, but adding the PlayStation Camera bumps the console to beyond AUD$600.

In Australia, Xbox One launches on 22 November, and the PS4 on 29 November.

Image of PS4 release date
Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the console most in demand in Australia.


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