Twiddling Thumbs: How Sony’s Vita TV could trump Apple TV

Image of Vita TV
Sony’s Vita TV could outdo Apple at its own game.

SONY’S Vita TV adapter will allow gamers to play PS Vita and stream PS4 games to any television in their home.

In effect, Sony has beaten Apple to a critical phase in the development of tiny media boxes.

For some time now, Apple fans have expected Cupertino to announce the arrival of apps – and even some form of controller – to allow Apple TV to become a pseudo-gaming console.

Apple TV is already a great option for people who want to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go and other streaming media services, in addition to viewing or listening to their iTunes collection.

Yet the lack of app support has always baffled me. I’ve never quite understood why Apple leaves the box’s potential untapped.

Sony, on the other hand, has been battling to give the Vita the leg-up it needs in the marketplace. It now has a Vita-branded streaming media box that does what Apple’s TV doesn’t: plays console and handheld quality games.

Despite being a powerful handheld with an increasing library of games, the Vita still lags behind the 3DS from Nintendo.

According to the latest vgchartz information, the 3DS still outsells the Vita at a rate of 7:1.

Vita TV, however, is a clever way of extending the Vita hardware range to enable more people to access Vita software.

Furthermore, Vita TV will appeal to PS4 owners.  Say a family member is using the main living room to watch  TV.  You can use Vita TV to remote play your PS4 on another television.  Providing it works without latency interfering, it’s a very clever idea.

With iOS7 due to land this week, and reports that it will allow gaming controllers, there is still hope that Apple will enable future generations of Apple TV to play games given its vast array of quality iPhone and iPad games which display at high-resolutions required by the Retina screens.

Until then, it’s time to applaud Sony for a wonderful initiative.  While Vita TV has so far only been announced for the Japanese market, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make it to Western countries.

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