Second round of PS4 stock mightn’t hit shelves until 2014: Aussie retailer


EB Games Australia has today sent an email to customers telling them that any new PlayStation 4 pre-order would only ‘reserve (their) place in the queue for 2014’.

This is despite the same email heralding the console’s Gamescom announcement that it will launch on 29 November in Australia.

EB Games is Gamestop’s Australian cousin, and is Australia’s largest dedicated gaming retailer.

That it can only guarantee 2014 for any new pre-orders indicates both the strength of the initial demand for the console in Australia, and that a second round of PS4 offerings may not be available until as late as the new year.

EB Games Australia has actively responded to consumer concerns on Twitter, stating that pre-orders placed prior to 5 July would be guaranteed for day one.

After that, should you have placed or do place a pre-order, then “you secure a place in a queue.” it’s social media team posted.


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