BETA PREVIEW: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – PC – Ubisoft’s clever spin on Diablo-style social gaming

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WITH what can only be described a tongue twister for a title, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a new spin on social gaming that makes for an engaging game and an epic time.

Ubisoft’s concept is simple: choose a Hero class and raid other players’ castles to earn a whole stash of loot that you can then spend on your own castle to bolster your defences.

Like most simple but effective concepts, it works, and works well.  Although bear in mind that the game is currently in closed beta.

For a game that I quickly came to refer to as ‘Epic Loot’, I was engaged from the word go. From setting up my castle defences to raiding other castles – in both campaign mode and PvP – I was blitzing through the levels.

Collecting gold, accumulating Life Force and generally demolishing the castles I went through. My first hour of game play mainly consisted of all-out offensive movements, then the inevitable happened and my castle defences were put to the test.

To say ‘epic fail’ would be an understatement.

My castle proved to be merely a sandpit to the conquering foe, and he breezed through my defenders with little to no effort. This then lead me to spend the following hours in defensive mode, placing down defences and attacking myself to test out their effectiveness.

As you can imagine this process went on for several hours, switching from attacking to strategizing my defences and ultimately led to a steady routine of attack, and strategize, attack, and strategize, and so on.

So what of the game as a whole? Looking past the obvious beta teething issues – which are actually remarkably far and few between – I found myself pleasantly engaged with the game whilst not being forced to spend any hard earned cash to advance.

The overall story line is simple, yet elegant, allowing the main premise of the game to shine through, giving The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot tremendous replay value and what I predict as a winning combination of fun yet time enveloping gameplay.

Lumped with other similar Online Multiplayer Strategy Games, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’s premise is just like the greatest freemium games currently available in that you can very easily play through the entire game – and continuously play – without having to part with your cash. Though if you were so inclined, and felt the expense worthwhile, you could use that hard earned cash to further yourself in the game and ultimately save you vast amounts of time and effort.

The only thing lacking from this game is the collection of heroes available to the end user. With only two available – unless you part with a little currency – the variety of play styles can be quite limited. Though it is evident that more heroes will become available over time, I would like to see a few more pop up in the beta mode to give us more play style variety.

This has all the making of a great game and looks to be a very successful endeavour for Ubisoft, and if our office is anything to go by there will be plenty of castles ready to raid in the future.

We at Gamer Thumb are looking forward to the future public release of this game as the only thing it is truly lacking is the solid player base, and look forward to the marketing strategy that Ubisoft employ to get this great game to the masses.

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