This colour matching game will bend your mind

Image of Color game
Color is a challenging and fun mini game we found on the web. let us know what you think below!

GAMER Thumb stumbled across a clever and fun colour matching game designed to test how well – and rapidly – you can match colours and gradients.

The game is simply called ‘Color’ (American spelling) and has been made available by peer-to-peer education group Method of Action.

It takes about five minutes to play and you can share your result on Facebook and Twitter, challenging friends to see if they can do better.

Click here to play it.

So, what is it about these games that makes us want to play?  In the case of Color, it’s had some 500,000 shares even though it’s nothing more than a simple colour-matching game.

The answer, perhaps, is in its challenge. It’s so ridiculously simple that I wanted to keep trying until I’d improved my rating for each category.

Naturally, it gets harder as it progresses, and in the final stage you’ll be attempting to match up to four colours and gradients.

Have you found any web-based games lately that you’d like to share? Let the Gamer Thumb community know below in the comments section.

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