Freemium games only work if devs play them ‘for hundreds of hours’

Supercell's Lassi Leppinen
Supercell’s Lassi Leppinen

DEVELOPERS must enjoy playing their games for hundreds of hours before releasing them, according to Clash of Clans and Hay Day developer, Supercell.

In an interview with Gamer Thumb, product lead Lassi Leppinen said the company’s winning formula was that it made games that its own team wanted to play – and did so during development.

“Just focus on making a great game and worry less about money,” was Leppinen’s message for other developers.

“It is also super important that the development team plays the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours.

“If the makers don’t enjoy it, it’s likely that neither will the players.”

Leppinen’s message seems terribly simple, but it’s true: focus less on the cash-grab and more on encouraging players to want to pay money for your title.

Clash of Clans and Hay Day – both Supercell titles – are iOS exclusives enjoyed by a combined 8.5 million players. They are among the top 10 highest grossing apps on the iTunes App Store.


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