Tiny Goalie an app-solute must-play for Flappy fans


Hot on the heels of the Flappy Bird phenomenon is a standout mini-game called Tiny Goalie by Jonasson Lochner.

The game is simple in nature: slide a goalie left to right to stop the progressively frequent shots on goal.

Your objective is to score as highly as possible, stopping all balls and avoiding water bottles. Failing to stop a goal or being struck by a water bottle will end your turn, and you must start over if you wish to improve your score.

Despite the wave of Flappy clones, Tiny Goalie is different. It feels like a game that was both in development before, and could have survived without, Dong Nguyen’s history-making game.

That’s why I like it. It’s fun and addictive without feeling like being a cash-in.

Sure, the retro visuals and fonts, the title screen that turns immediately into the game, and the high-score hunt and ‘one more turn’ inducing gameplay formula all suggest the Flappy Bird formula has inspired Tiny Goalie’s final presentation.

I’m sure, however, that this is designed to entice people to download the game. And it is worth playing if you’re a fan of time-wasters or paddle style games like Breakout.

Download it here.


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